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tv   Action News  ABC  April 4, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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saturday night i'm sharrie williams in for walter perez. a delaware woman ace rested for her fifth dui and teenager is critically injured in the
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atv crash that police say happened touring a race on the treats of cobbs creek. but the big story on "action news" tonight is a blustery day in the delaware valley. the the action cam was in pike creek, delaware where the wind pushed the 75-foot tall tree into the middle of old coach road. when the tree fell it also brought down several telephone lines, that road is still shut down. meteorologist melissa magee is at the "action news" big board with the the look at this windy but sunny weather hi there, melissa. >> hi there, charily. we had a frontal boundary moving through there were showers and thunder and blustery wind did follow in the wake. you can see, for our saturday, the the sunnies weakening. the very wind a cross delaware and lehigh valley. up in the poconos we had a peak win gust of 51 miles an hour. gustness atlantic city of 46. philadelphia clock nothing at 45. 44 miles per hour in doylestown and 40 miles an hour there, in allentown. now wind is still sustained anywhere from 21 miles an hurry to 32 miles an hour here
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in philadelphia. coming in out of the northwest. so that northwesterly wind is making these temperatures feel a touch cooler then the actual air temperature is reading. currently 57 in philadelphia still not the bad. fifty-one in allentown a long the the coast this sea isle city, 55. forty up in the north in the poconos. if you are stepping outside on the town tonight we have you covered with your evening planner. still blight and sunny at 7:00 this evening. that temperature coming in at 52. we will drop down in the upper 40's at 8:00 o'clock tonight. cold at 48 degrees at 9:00 p.m. under mostly clear skies and 47 degrees at the the temperature at 10:00 o'clock. we will talk about what is ahead, still breezy tonight but sunny for second half of the weekend and sunny for easter with temperatures in the 60's. we will take a closer look and see how those easter egg hunt look like tomorrow afternoon sharrie with the full and exclusive accu weather forecast. >> thank you looking forward to it. incredible images, a home severely damaged by an afternoon fire in pennsauken to day. fire fighters arrived at heavy flames shooting from the the
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two story house just before 3:30. "action news" reporter kenneth moton is working this story live on the scene with more, kenneth. >> reporter: sharrie, the the smoke can be seen for miles. let me get out of the way so you can look at this very active scene. strong wind we just heard about were a real challenge for about 50 fire fighters this have afternoon. they finally have a handle on this thing but unfortunately thinks all that is left. they were unable to save this home. there was a raging house fire that has smoke taking over this pennsauken neighborhood. >> we came outside and looked down the the street with just clouds of black smoke. >> reporter: flames shot out of the two story home at union avenue and stowe road as dozens of fire fighters battled the inferno. >> i smelled it, so strongly like it was in my own home. i live on bay avenue. i looked out my window, opened up my front door and i saw black. >> reporter: investigators say fire spark in the yard of the home around 3:30 p.m.
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saturday. the fire station is a just a block away but strong wind quickly carried the flames to the house. >> it does this it feeds the fire and then compromise our hose streams. you saw early on some of our exterior hose lines were fighting the wind along with the fire itself. >> reporter: the scene brought out a large crowd of neighbors. the family who lives here was away and uninjured if you they made it back for a moment they will never for get. "action news" has learned that unlike this time, this house survived another fire in 2006, the home belongs to the mother of a volunteer fire follower kevin, who happens to live across the the street. he is battling stage four stomach cancer, and lost his father to cancer two years ago. we were there as the the community held a benefit the for the the son in november. neighbors say they are sure people will step up for his family again. >> i know for sure that everybody will come together and put effort forward to help
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them. >> reporter: again, in one was injured but we have learn that the family's chihuahua sophie was inside, and didn't make it. fire fighters a say there was a lot stored on the property and inside of this home, so that also fueled this fire. the fire marshall is on the scene investigating sharrie. reporting live from pennsauken, new jersey, kenneth moton for channel six "action news". >> that community will rally around that family kenneth family. from the fire in pennsauken to a blaze in manayunk that left a man injured. fire broke out at 9:00 on the home in the 100 block of james town street. fire fighters say it started in the kitchen but they are still trying to figure out what exactly started the fire. the a 60 year-old woman was taken to temple hospital for smoke inhalation. a 15 year-old boy is in critical condition after crashing an a tv in the cities cobbs creek section. the witness essay the teen was racing another atv driver. the accident happened around 2:30 this afternoon on the 5800 block of cobbs creek
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parkway. one witness says that the teen was not wearing a helmet. >> there were 2atv's racing. that is what i saw. i seen a kid laying on the ground. bleeding from the head. then the spec taitors, it is like, they were performing cpr on the kid. >> that witness also says that police, took the the the other atv driver in for questioning. medics rushed the injured teen to children's hospital. no word yet on any charges. a 25 year-old from mount laurel was killed in the hot hit and run in northern liberties. it happened around 10:30 last night in the 900 block of delaware avenue. police say that the man was running across the street when he was struck, investigators have questioned a man that they are now calling, a possible person of interest. his car has been impounded, and it is being searched. in new jersey, police are investigating another fatal pedestrian accident but in this case the driver stayed on
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the scene. it happened around 5:00 this morning on route 55, just north of the woodbury glassboro road exit. state police shut down the road for about five hours while they pieced together what happened. the name of the victim though has not been released as of yet. hundreds turnout to pay tribute to the darby boro police officer who was gunned down inside his own home last weekend. the officer mark hudson was remembered as a man lived according to a code of service both in uniform and in life. "action news" reporter annie mccormack has more. >> reporter: it was a send off for a man who dedicated his life to helping other people. saturday at st. joseph church in collindale, family, friend and the community gathered to honor 26 year-old mark hudson, his family touched by the services that included both law enforcement and fire fighters, from across delaware county. >> we just lost a great person. >> reporter: hudson was fatally wounded last saturday
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inside his glenn olden home while off-duty. authorities say he was trying to break up with his girlfriend tiana finch who shot and killed him. finch faces charges including first and third degree murder. officer mark hudson was ultimate public servant. he died as a darby boro police officer but began as a volunteer fire fighter a at just 16, in yeadon. >> he has done more than in 26 years then most people do in the lifetime. so i just think, legacy of community and giving back. >> reporter: chief's of yeadon's fire department and darby boro police took the podium to share their memories. >> a shining example of what a patrol officer and a fire fighter should be. confident, courageous, and tenacious. tough brave. >> he cared. he was good people. >> reporter: hudson's family requesting the h ymn amazing grace.
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>> ♪♪ amazing grace ♪♪ >> reporter: hudson donated his eyes and the lyrics of the song i once was blind but now i see mean more than ever for their brother and son who even in death continues to help others. >> tragedy, a good story to tell. his story will be told for a lifetime, many lifetimes to come. mark hudson is our hero. >> reporter: in collindale, annie mccormack for channel six "action news". a brawl outside a clubhouse in south philadelphia left self people injured. police say a fight between two men in the second street shooter's clubhouse near front and dickerson, spilled out in the street. during that fight both men and two bystanders were injured. all required treatment at local hospitals. so far, one person has been charged. from our delaware news room a wilmington woman was arrested today and charged with her fifth dui. around 1:00 p.m. police say 54 year-old ann baker ran a red light on harmony road.
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a state trooper pulled her over and alleged there was an odor of alcohol. he was transported back to the station where an investigation into her driving record revealed a history of drunk driving convictions dating back to 1987. baker was freed after posting a $10,000.01. there is still much more to come tonight on "action news", an unusual sight in the sky, the the so-called, blood moon was spotted lays night but this one was different then any other eclipse this century. but first another rare sight, fidel castro appeared in public for the first time in more than a year, plus phillies wrap up their preseason before monday's opening day, jeff skversky has sports and we will have that forecast for melissa magee coming up as well when "action news" comes right back.
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in more than a year. the these pictures were taken earlier this week and published yesterday. they show castro sitting inside a vehicle as people reach into shake his hand. the castro's face is largely obscured by a dark baseball cap, castro will turn 89 years old in august. the group behind a deadly attack on a college campus in kenya is threatening to strike again. al-shabob issued a statement today saying they are planning revenge on behalf of all muslims. gunman from the group killed 148 people earlier this week at a university. the ken yan government has promised to retaliate against al-shabob. they also announced several arrest is today. world news sat the day will have very latest on the attack in kenya the at 6:30 right here after "action news". barber shop in wilmington gave hundreds of people new pairs of shoes today. black visionary designer barbara salon hosted the annual shoe give away, this is seventh year in a row that they have collected now, new
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or gently used, shoes, and sneakers. today they handed out more than 200 pairs to people of all ages. in camden a new monument to prisoners of war and soldiers killed in action, it is now on display. today battle will ship new jersey unveiled a chair of honor on the forward deck of the ship. it will stay there through the weekend and then move to the new vietnam war exhibit next year. veterans and former pow spoke at today's ceremony.
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jeff skversky has sports and phillies, they don't have a lot of time to to find tuning with the start of the season around the corner. >> can't wait, baseball begins on monday, phillies will finalize 25 man roster tomorrow and still decisions to be made. after leaving clearwater as worst hitting team in baseball phillies manager ryne sandberg wanted to see them get their
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act together before monday's opener. well, last night ben reveer hit a walk off home run to day they win again. reveer helping out in more ways than one. look at this helping drive fans from the parking lot to the park today. first inning phillies drive-in four against the pirates. here's chase utley red hot two run inning will utley finished spring training hitting a team high .412. phillies bat around in the first. they put on two more in the second. ryan howard to the first. their first base man, throws ate way, reveer scores. five to nothing phillies. next batter carlos ruiz rbi single to left. phillies new speedy starting center fielder herrera beats the the throw. its six to nothing phillies. and david buchanan in his final startings five scoreless innings. he will be third starter in the rotation to go next, on thursday and gets some help here today. how about howard with the nice glove. phillies win their final two exhibition games, scoring 13
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runs six-four your final. the real games start monday. they have to be happy with the way buchanan looks. >> he was one guy that really took to heart what was told to him last year. he work on things. being a complete pitcher. >> what happened last year knowing i have been here before, there is more of a comfort thing for me but it is definitely something i'm not content with. i know it will be a grind. i have to prove myself, and i'm glad to have the the opportunity. it is end of the road for your flyers. final road game in carolina and thank goodness their road trip this season has been disastrous as clark gris world and his family vacations, it has been the the worst season away from home in 43 years. the flyers playing from behind today in carolina down to two to nothing. how about sean couturier shoots and deflect in front. the flyers within one. two minutes left in the game, it bounces their way on a couturier stick, backhanded
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and in. we're tied at two. couturier number 14 gets his number 14 goal of the season. that is a career high. here's how he gets rewarded a stick to the mouth on the very next face off. that will leave a mark. this will hurt too. game goes to a shoot-out chris terry beats ray emery. flyers need a goal to stay alive. claude giroux goes right left and goes home empty handed. flyers lose three -two. they have not beaten a non-playoff team in get this nine weeks, zero for their last 11. sixers are in north carolina in charlotte at seven. they are yet another one of our teams having issues on the road. sixers have lost 18 of their last 19 road games. in fact sixers have only won six games away from home all season. ville know of ace only number one seed not in the final four. chester's bill lion is back in the final four for second straight season and once again his wisconsin badgers facing kentucky right after the
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duke/michigan state game. for ryan it will be as tough as it gets to get to the championship game. kentucky an undefeated 38-zero. >> do you think i have to tell my players that this is a big game or that kentucky is pretty good? they are. our guys believe that in a 40 minute contest when they step on the court we can get this. >> we will see. it will be nice if a local guy can do well but kentucky is so tough. >> undefeated we will see how it goes. jeff, thank you. up next, we, of course will have meteorologist melissa magee for the easter day holiday coming up when "action news" comes right back.
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you're taking a look at a total lunar eclipse that happened this morning but odd are you didn't see it in person. it was only visible for a few hours in the western u.s. and canada. during the eat clips the moon turn red showing what is called a blood moon, it happens because sunlight the scatters off the earth's atmosphere and reflects off the moon. total eclipse only lasted a few minutes making it the shortest eclipse of the century. it is a beautiful shot. >> um-hmm. >> meteorologist melissa magee joins us now and we are looking forward to a wonderful easter holiday forecast. >> the holiday for tomorrow, easter sharrie looks nice, sunshine, wind won't be as strong as they were today. we will show you storm tracker six live double scan radar and it is dry, quiet the no issues with precipitation. the moisture we had during overnight hours is moving off to the east. we have mostly clear skies and quiet conditions to the west
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this orange. we will show you picture outside. action cam was outside earlier today. we are giving you a gorgeous shot of the center city sky line this was taken from camden, new jersey. we have a bright blue sky overhead puff i cumulus cloud. but the wind will definitely be a factor for the first half of our weekend. in fact, in philadelphia today we had wind gusting as high as 45 miles an hour, wind will be with us for the the the rest of this evening. the despite the wind though, very mild, in fact, above average, 63 degrees was the high today, average for this time of the year is 60. it looks like for easter sunday numbers will max out in the lower 60's across the region. the with the wind they are still an issue copping from the northwest, current gusts in philadelphia at this hour, 40 miles an hour, gust of 28 miles an hour in allentown. the gust as high as 32 miles an hour in wilmington a long the coast rather, we have wind gusting as high as 36 miles an hour there in atlantic city. the the temperatures for the most part are in the 50's
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across the region. the exception poconos coming in at 40 but 57 in the city at this hour. fifty-six in dover. lancaster lower 50's. same thing in reading. allentown 51 degrees. the here's satellite six with action radar. we have showers and rumble of thunder during overnight hours. all that activity exiting off to the north and east. high pressure in the ohio valley wants to work eastward but we are stuck in between the two today which is why we have those blustery wind. there is a weak disturbance ride ago cross the the great lakes that will stay to the north of our region for the second half of our weekend. here's set up tomorrow high pressure takes over, we have frontal boundary that parks itself to the north. sunny start for easter sunday with a few cloud by the afternoon, high temperature coming in at 63 degrees. with this frontal boundary to the north there could be a stray shower through lehigh valley and poconos as we get into tomorrow afternoon but most of the region should be dry. here's call from accu weather for easter sunday lots of sunshine.
6:26 pm
it is a cool start for sunrise services temperatures 37. noon we are up to 52. looking good for outdoor easter egg hunts and by the the of afternoon that temperature coming in a at 62. call from accu weather for tonight mainly clear and coal. still breezy. we will drop down to 38 in the city. thirty-one allentown. forty-one in cape may for the overnight low. here's the exclusive seven day forecast breezy and nice for sunday. high temperature up to 63. mild for opening day, phils at home against red sox, first pitch at 13:05. temperature coming in at 68 degrees. beautiful day to enjoy. after that we have changes. the cloudy on tuesday with some showers around, high of 65. and a it looks to stay unsettled as we get into wednesday and thursday, with temperatures then only in the 50's. we're up to 67 on friday but it looks like that moisture will linger. all and all we are looking good for second half of our weekend on sunday very nice and warm. >> we will take it melissa thank you. we have easter egg hunt
6:27 pm
that spans the between racial is today in bucks county. ann's choice in warminster hosted this event. it allows residents to look for eggs with their grandchildren, and their great grandchildren. they left some of the older kid in charge of hiding, of course about 1,000 eggs. this was the second year for this event. world news saturday is coming up next right here on channel six. don't miss "action news" the at ten on phl17 tonight of course, then we're back here on six abc at 11:00. for walter perez melissa magee, jeff skversky and the entire "action news" team, i'm sharrie williams. of course, we will see you right back here at 11:00 o'clock. >> ♪♪
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welcome to "world news tonight." severe weather. fierce spring storms from kansas to the carolinas taking a deadly toll. flash floods, washed out roads, now the cleanup and the forecast on this holiday weekend. homegrown terror. chilling new details in the arrest of a philadelphia woman accused of trying to run away with terrorists. her e-mails, her tweets and this, #isis. staying alive. the new family car spying on distracted drivers. some are calling it the snitch key. so who's it supposed to protect? last call. the hollywood hangout drawing stars and star wanna-bes. america's first karoake bar getting ready to sing its last song.


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